Houlston Lab


The Houlston Lab is based at The Institute of Cancer Research, London (Sutton site). We are a multi-disciplinary team, made up of researchers from diverse backgrounds, including molecular biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, and physics.

The focus of this team is the identification and characterisation of genetic changes influencing the development of cancer, and are we engaged in a number of collaborative projects, nationally and internationally.

Our recent research has made a major contribution to advances in the understanding of the genetic basis of cancer and our work has featured in numerous papers published in Nature Genetics, Nature and Science.

Our research focuses on the following strands:

  • Exploiting large-scale sequencing datasets, up to petabyte in size, to identify genetic changes influencing predisposition and development of cancer

  • Translating cancer gene identification into biological insights and clinical advances

  • Development and implementation of new statistical, analytical and computational approaches to tackle associated challenges