Houlston Team

Meet the team

Professor Richard Houlston, FRS

Richard Houlston is the Head of the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at The Institute of Cancer Research. His research focuses on the identification and characterisation of genetic susceptibility to cancer.


Mahmoud Ahmed

Background: Medicine

Dr Mahmoud Ahmed is working on the genetics of rare childhood cancer.


Peter Broderick

Background: Molecular biology

Dr Peter Broderick is the lab manager of the group, and works in organising the samples and equipment, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


Richard Culliford

Background: Applied statistics

Dr Richard Culliford is a statistician with knowledge of both frequentist and Bayesian statistics. He is working to understand how the incidence of colorectal cancer is affected by both genetic and environmental variables.


Andy Everall

Background: Astrophysics

Dr Andy Everall is working on Genomics England pan-cancer projects.


Andrea Gunnell 

Background: Cell biology

Dr Andrea Gunnell is working on the identification of new predisposition alleles for myeloma through GWAS analysis and molecular genetic functional studies to elucidate biological basis for genetic susceptibility.


Philip Law 

Background: Bioinformatics

Dr Philip Law is a bioinformatician, with a background in plant genetics. He is currently working on understanding germline genetics of colorectal cancer. 


Sam Lawrence

Background: Cosmology

Dr Samuel Lawrence has a background in mathematics and theoretical physics. He is now a bioinformatician currently working on meningioma and renal cancer data within Genomics England.

Mara Mandelia

Background: Cell biology

Dr Mara Mandelia is a biologist working on charactering the chromatin structure and epigenome of renal cancer. 

Charlie Mills 

Background: Physics

Dr Charlie Mills is undertaking his first postdoc in the Cancer Genomics team, after working on the SNO+ particle physics experiment.


Shalini Singh 

Background: Molecular biology

Dr Shalini Singh is currently investigating the molecular mechanism of drug resistance in multiple myeloma using molecular and cell biology techniques. 


Amit Sud

Background: Haematology

Dr Amit Sud is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Genetics and Epidemiology, and is completing his Haematology training at The Royal Marsden hospital. 


Jayaram Vijayakrishnan

Background: Molecular genetics

Dr Jayaram Vijayakrishnan is  investigating genetic predisposition to cancer. His work involves the use of molecular and cell biology techniques and subsequent bioinformatic analysis of data. 


Molly Went 

Background: Chemistry

Dr Molly Went completed her PhD in the Houlston Lab, and is currently investigating inherited predisposition to multiple myeloma. Her work involves the identification and characterisation of germline risk variants for myeloma with a view to improve our understanding of pathways relevant to the disease. 




Steve Bevan (Head of School of Life and Environmental Sciences at University of Lincoln, USA)

Lizzy Bourne (Associate Automation Engineer at Exact Sciences, UK)

Ian Chandler

Maria Chiaria Di Bernardo

Dan Chubb (Data scientist at Civil Service, UK)

Alex Cornish (Senior Bioinformatician at BenevolentAI, UK)

Sara Dobbins (Postdoc at St George's Hospital, London, UK)

Victor Enciso (Data Scientist at International Tennis Federation, UK)

Marc Henrion (Senior Biostatistician at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, Malawi)

Phuc Hoang (Postdoc at National Institutes of Health, USA)

Amy Holroyd (Scientific Officer at Institute of Cancer Research, UK)

Richard Hubner (Medical Oncology Consultant at The Christie Hospital, UK)

Matt Frampton

Roland Jäger

Radhika Kandaswamy (Postdoc at King's College London, UK)

Ben Kinnersley (Postdoc at University College London, UK)

Su Kose (Postdoc at Institute of Cancer Research, UK)

Karim Labreche (Bioinformatician at Sorbonne Université, France)

Lily Li (Senior Scientist at Catapult Cell and Gene Therapy, UK)

Oleg Lenive (Data scientist, UK)

Steven Lubbe (Assistant Professor of Neurology and Genetic Medicine at Feinberg School of Medicine, USA)

Yussanne Ma (Founder of Yussanne Ma Consulting, Canada)

Sebastian May-Wilson (PhD student at University of Edinburgh, UK)

Gabriele Migliorini (Postdoc at University of Oxford, UK)

Jonathan Mitchell (Genome Analyst at AstraZeneca, UK)

Bianca Olver

Giulia Orlando (Postdoc at Radcliffe Department of Medicine, UK)

Elli Papaemmanuil (Group leader at Memorial Sloan Kettering, USA)

Alan Pittman

Steven Penegar

Amy Price

Sanjay Popat (Professor of Medical Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital, UK)

Brittany Rex (Operations Manager of the Clinical Research Facility at University of Surrey, UK)

Matthew Rudd

Charlie Saunders (Founder of Wavey Technologies Ltd, UK)

Georgina Sava (Postdoc at Imperial College London, UK)

Gabrielle Sellick

Matt Scales

Amy Sherbourne (Applications Development Scientist, Miltenyi Biotech, USA)

Dale Crowther-Swanepoel

James Smith (Senior Scientist at Nucleome Therapeutics, UK)

Helen Speedy (Postdoc at MRC Prion unit, UK)

James Studd (Postdoc at Genomics Plc, UK)

Yufei Wang (Statistician at GSK, UK)

Emily Webb (Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK)

Ruth Wild

Nicky Whiffin (Group leader at Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, UK)